InfoAid – Information for refugees on the Balkan Route

InfoAid is an app with up to date information for refugees on their way through south-east of Europe. It covers all countries on the Balkan route, including updates about the situation at the borders, weather reports for the Turkish Sea, ferry strikes, transportation information, security advises, information for children traveling alone and many more topics.

Some of the reports are from the platform

The app is developed and maintained by volunteer developers from Hungary and is donated to Migration Aid, a group of volunteers based in Hungary. It’s sole purpose is to help and provide with necessary and valid information. It’s not connected in any form to the hungarian government.

Supported languages: The reports are updated daily and available in many languages. A group of volunteers translates all reports into English, Arabic, Farsi, Greek, Pashto, Urdu.

Also implement into this app is RefugeePhrasebook, a small translation dictionary for various languages.

Once the reports are downloaded, the app works OFFLINE also.

Countries covered: Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Croatia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Serbia, Slovenia

Download from the Google Play Store:

Developer: Enys Mones
Price: Free
Helpful app for refugees?
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