Love Europe Refugee App

The Love Europe app for Refugees is available for you to download and help you navigate through Europe. The app will help you find what you need most, both on your journey and when you settle.

Everyone can use the app as a platform to show love to refugees and newcomers. You can add helpful locations, local events, but also make yourself available to get connected with a refugee. The app contains a lot of helpful videos and links about language, culture and more.

Love-Europe isn’t just an app, but is’t a tool to help integrate. Getting to know people, becoming friends with people in their new neighbourhoods, is key to integrating.

This app helps refugees and newcomers find the information they need most. The app provides lots of locations in different countries: available at the moment are Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and France. Greece, Austria, Sweden, the UK, Malta and other countries will follow quickly.

Even when you are offline, the app still works for navigation and events. All locations and events are stored on your phone so you can navigate to locations using the compass function if you are disconnected from the Internet.

The app will also help you communicate during your travel and stay. The app is multilingual and always displays information in two languages, so it can be used as a communication tool. The phrasebook provides a lot of basic phrases you can use in another language.

When you’re new in a city or area, it will be great to connect with people in the neighbourhood. In the app, you find a local events agenda, with events for refugees and newcomers. Think about language café, cultural activities, sports, meet and greet with people from the area. It will help you to integrate into your new place.

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Love Europe
Love Europe
Helpful app for refugees?

phase6 hallo Deutsch Kinder

“phase6 hallo Deutsch Kinder” is a free language learning app especially for children and young migrants in Germany. Its focus is on children which have no German language skills at all. Children will learn a basic set of German words with sound bits and picture exercises. The app works with rewards to motivate the children to work continuously. The aim is to speed up language learning for a better and quicker integration into the German school system.

Download in Google Play Store:

Download in Apple App Store:

phase6 hallo Deutsch Kinder
phase6 hallo Deutsch Kinder
Helpful app for refugees? provides contacts and counselling to refugees and migrants on their way. Covered topics are Safety at Sea, Dublin III, Asylum, Work, Living, Legal Information, Medical Information and many more.

Countries: Albania, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malta, Morocco, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Tunisia, United Kingdom.


Helpful app for refugees?
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